Timeline for Tree Surgery After Accepting a Quotation

Tree Surgeon qoutation request

When it comes to tree care, having a professional tree surgeon is essential. Not only do they provide essential pruning and trimming services, but they can also diagnose any potential issues with your trees and recommend treatments that will keep them healthy.

However, once you’ve accepted a quote from a qualified tree surgeon, how long should you expect to wait before work begins?

The timeline for when the tree surgery work begins on your property depends on several factors. The first factor to consider is the availability of the tree surgeon.


If they are in high demand or have prior commitments that need to be fulfilled first then this could delay when work starts on your property. Additionally, some types of jobs take longer than others depending on their complexity so if there are multiple tasks involved then this could affect the timeline too.

Weather Conditions

Another important factor when deciding how long it will take for a tree surgeon to start after accepting a quote is weather conditions. 

Many tasks require dry conditions which may not always be possible due to rain or other extreme temperatures which can cause delays in starting projects. 

If adverse weather forecasts mean that certain activities such as pruning cannot begin immediately then this could affect when you get started too!

Access Requirements

Finally, access requirements must also be taken into consideration when determining how long it takes for work to commence following acceptance of an initial quote from a specialist arborist or tree surgery team.

If access restrictions exist (i.e., overhead wires) then these must be addressed before any cutting/pruning/removal procedures can commence – meaning further delays until everything has been adequately prepared beforehand by both parties involved in order for safe operations to proceed smoothly afterward!

Tree surgeon work request

While some homeowner’s might worry about how long it takes after accepting an initial quotation from their chosen professional service provider – typically one should expect between 2-3 weeks at most until all necessary preparations have been made & subsequent activities begin thereafter without issue thanks largely due diligence conducted throughout each step along the way by both parties concerned!

It is best to get several quotes from local tree surgeons before making any decisions so that you know exactly what you are getting for your money.  Get a free quote today, Call us at 7480 736766!

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